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Why Do You Need A Water Service Upgrade?

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Homeowners today often struggle to determine when repair and maintenance services are needed. In some cases, such as if a major plumbing leak has developed, the need for repairs is critical and obvious. However, when it comes to making an upgrade, the decision may not be quite so obvious. There are a few key times when a water service upgrade should be completed, and every homeowner should take time to learn more about this.

Updating Old Infrastructure

If you live in an older home that has not yet received a water service upgrade, now may be the time to do so. Older homes may have been built with steel or lead pipes, and these can have significant issues. For example, lead piping can lead to a number of health concerns because the lead particles from the pipes can enter the drinking water for the family and cause serious illness. Steel water pipes are prone to mineral build-up, and this can affect the health of the drinking water as well as the condition of the pipes. In addition, older water connections may be more prone to leaks and breakage. Replacing them now before a major leak develops is beneficial.

Building a New Home

The bylaws and regulations regarding pipes have evolved over the years in Canadian provinces and territories, and this means that those who are building a new home or who are adding onto their current home will need to be aware of the new rules and regulations. The fact is that superior plumbing materials and techniques are now available that are designed to promote longevity of the system as well as the health of the home's inhabitants, and the newest bylaws and regulations are in place to ensure that the plumbing system is superior in quality.

Installing New Water Meters

There are also rules and requirements in place for water meter installations and replacements. Whether you are making an upgrade or building a new property, it is important to understand the requirements in place by the municipality. For example, in Toronto, new water meters must be installed within one meter of the water service entry point to the home. Generally, the province or municipality will not perform the installation for you, and you will need to hire a contractor for this service. However, the local regulatory agency or department may provide you with an inspection to ensure that it has been installed properly.

As you can see, there are many reasons why a water service upgrade may be needed, and it is often best to use a professional plumbing contractor to perform the work. A local contractor that services your area will be aware of the local regulations and requirements in place for replacing pipes, installing new systems, replacing water meters and more. If you believe that the time has come to make an upgrade to your home, one of the best steps that you can take today is to contact a professional plumbing contractor to request a competitive bid and to schedule service.


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