Water Purification Systems

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Historical evidence of water purification goes back as far as 4,000 years. During those times, people noticed that the water they were drinking was cloudy. Because of this, they employed a wide range of filtration techniques to render the water clear.

Today, water purifiers are more popular than ever before. Many individuals innately distrust water coming from their municipal pumping stations and find the repeat price of bottled water purchases to be too expensive.

However, some of them wonder how a water purification system really works and why they really need one at home. Knowing this allows them to have in-depth knowledge of how these systems really work in protecting their health while providing them with one of the basic needs for survival.

The Working System

Water purification systems nowadays use carbon as the main constituent material of their filter. This carbon is compressed into a solid block form as opposed to the more granular, loosely structured sand filters. Such filters often include other kinds of media substances aside from solid and compressed carbon.

Water filters clean using both chemical and physical processes. Physically, they block the passage of unwanted materials with molecular structures that are larger than water. Chemically, the carbon filters perform an added filtration function.

Through the adsorption process, the carbon's atomic charge and other media help encourage unwanted particles to abandon their connection to the water and attach chemically to the media. The water then goes through the filter cleansed of undesirable materials.

The addition of extra media into the standard filter constitution allows for more particles to effectively chemically bond to the media. This results in greater efficiency and performance. Water is then directed through several stages of multimedia filters and carbon filters to ensure the complete removal of any unwanted materials.

The first stage of filtration will kick out the most concentrated form of chemicals, such as chlorine, while the following stages will remove more evasive and smaller chemicals such as pesticides.

Reasons for Having One

There are a number of reasons why people should have their very own water purification system in their homes. One of them is the presence of chlorine in their public water supply. Many towns and cities across Canada disinfect their water supply with chlorine.

This is basically bleach. Although this process is very important to make sure drinking water is free from microorganisms that can make people sick, it carries its own risks. Chlorine has been known to cause rectal and bladder cancer.

Another reason why it is necessary for people to own a purification system is the presence of fluoride in their municipal water supplies. Many Canadian cities add fluoride for children's dental health. However, long-term studies have shown that fluoride can cause a multitude of health issues.

This includes liver and kidney disease, thyroid dysfunction, nervous system disorders and endocrine imbalances. What is worse is that children are vulnerable to these ailments. The presence of heavy metals, pesticides and pharmaceuticals is also another reason why people should purchase a purification system.

According to a research conducted by the National Academy of Sciences, the residues of 39 pesticides have been detected in the groundwater in a number of Canadian provinces. For many years, people have been trying hard to avoid consuming pesticides by eating organic vegetables and fruit. However, they often do not know that what they are trying to avoid in food is also in their water supply. What is worse is that they are consuming it on an everyday basis without ever knowing it.


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