Drain Camera Inspections for Sewer and Plumbing Video and Camera Line Inspection

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Video and still cameras have become a standard tool in the plumbing industry. Specially designed cameras that are waterproof provide a visual inspection of pipes and sewer lines that are under a foundation, in cement or underground. A professional technician inserts a bendable line with a high-resolution camera on the end into the pipes. The flexibility of the line lets the camera proceed through the pipe while navigating corners. The video is transmitted in real time. This allows the technician to determine the cause of any blockage, leakage or breakage. The images may be saved for future reference.


A camera inspection will benefit the homeowner by providing proof of the cause and effect of the plumbing problems. This is especially effective with sewer lines. A camera will find every collapse, defect, clog or crack allowing the technician to provide the appropriate service in the most cost effective manner. The photos will provide 100 percent proof of the condition of the inner pipe walls.

Once the video camera is inserted into the pipe system, it works its way down and the technician follows the progress on the video monitor. If the technician spots a problem or potential problem, he or she will stop the camera for further inspection. In addition, a video camera inspection provides documentation for a third party such as a property owner or insurance company. This type of inspection will produce evidence in multimedia formats including still images, video clips, audio or text notes. A complete report will include written inspection findings.

This video technology provides the client with a clean, no-mess way to see the plumbing problem. Video camera inspections spot the plumbing pipe conditions and the cause of the problems. Rootering and snaking cannot provide this level of accuracy. Video inspections are an exceptional way to determine an wide array of impediments or obstructions to the free flow of drainage including broken tiles, roots, inline traps, bad mortar connections, pipe sagging, pipe cracks, negative grade sloping, offset joints and sludge buildup.

Efficient for Sewers

The video inspection is a precise method to check the drains in almost any home. Whether you own an older home, have recently purchased a new home or are planning a renovation project, the drain system should be checked. A minimum investment in time and money can save a large amount of time, cleanup, headaches and money in the future. A video camera inspection allows you to see the condition of the plumbing yourself.

In addition, video camera inspections will capture evidence of problem sewer pipes including crushed pipe, punctured sewer pipe, broken sewer pipe, offset pipe joints or tree roots.

A video camera can inspect pipes of any size in diameter, and it will find any blockage or leaking problems. High quality inspection equipment will locate the affected areas and allow the technician to suggest no-dig repairs such as hydro-jet pipe restoration, pipe bursting or pipe relining.


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