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Part of the problem people with minor plumbing problems have is knowing when to call a plumber. A backed up toilet might not necessarily require calling a plumber. Often a small problem can be symptomatic of a much larger one within a plumbing system. There are some specific instances when you should absolutely call a plumber. A serious plumbing emergency is a good example of a time to contact a plumber immediately.

Bathroom Remodeling

If you do any large-scale remodeling to your bathroom which requires plumbing, you should contact a plumber. These professional jobs can require permits. Adding a gas line or moving an existing plumbing set up are jobs best suited for a professional. There are often city ordinances that require certain credentials including a work permit. For the smaller pipe replacements, you should still contact a plumber.

Main Line Issues

Main line stoppage can cause all the plumbing in the house to become backed up simultaneously. The water may appear stagnant or dirty. These plumbing jobs are not suited for amateurs. Special equipment is used by plumbers to unclog the main line. In this case home remedies like drain cleaner aren't going to do much more than mask the problem. The main line can become backed up in a number of different ways. One of the biggest issues that can occur within a main line is back up that has been occurring over the long term. This back up only shows signs when it becomes a severe problem. The equipment used to clean main lines can cost thousands of dollars. This equipment can be rented, but the cost is often negligible in comparison to simply hiring a plumber. Plumbers own the equipment that they use and have expertise in using it. Often the equipment still requires an industrial cleaning fluid which can cost thousands of dollars on its own.

Water Heater Problems

A large number of things can go wrong with a water heater. The water heater itself is full of many different components and pipes that an amateur plumber or maintenance main should not interfere with. Interference with these components can cause larger damage to the unit and require more expensive repairs or even injury. Plumbers who have been working for many years are usually experts at solving water heater problems. A good example of a time to call a plumber is when the water pressure on the hot water in a bathroom stops functioning. This is a fairly complex problem which could have many different solutions.

Replacing a Bathtub

You might think that replacing a bathtub simply involves swapping out the old tub and connecting the pipes, but there can actually be quite a bit more to it. There are plenty of steps that go into replacing a bathtub that have nothing to do with connecting a main line. Attempting to replace a bathtub or other plumbing component yourself can always result in a small mistake which causes bigger damage to the plumbing. Most plumbing jobs like these are best left to the professionals.
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