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What is a Backwater Valve, and Why Does Your Home Need It

Sewer backflow is a common problem in numerous cities especially those areas that experience heavy rainfall. In such cases, the main sewer systems tend to back up through the sewer drains of residential and commercial properties. The most probable result of this would be a flooded basement.

To correct such problem, the need to install a backwater valve has become a necessity. The installation of the backwater valve will help prevent water from travelling back into a home as this device has been designed as a one way valve. While most new homes come with this device, majority of the old homes and properties are still at risk of possible basement flooding caused by sewer backflow. Generally, basement flooding is a costly as well as traumatic experience.

How to Determine If This Device Is Needed?

When trying to determine if a backwater valve is needed, it is important to assess one's location. Basically, one needs to determine whether or not the location of one's home is prone to flooding. If it is then it may be best to have this device installed right away.

One of the simplest ways to determine if a backwater valve is needed is to consider one's neighborhood and the sewer system of the area. For instance, there are three houses lined up on a gradual hill. The main sewer drain is situated on the topmost portion of the hill. The homes which are located below the top of the main sewer are at risk of experiencing sewer backflow.

In such cases, a backwater valve must be installed. This device will ensure that the basements of these homes will not be flooded with sewer water. In case it is required to have this device installed in a home, it is important to hire a professional to ensure that this is properly installed.

How Does this Device Work?

Basically, a backwater valve has been designed with a sewer backup safety feature. It is typical for plumbers to check all the valves of all the sewer branch lines in any home. This would mean that all drains located in various parts of the house should have their own backflow protection. However, there is a problem when it comes to the location of these valves. Most of these valves are located in hard to reach areas. Moreover, there is also a tendency for these valves to be easily damaged. When this happens, it becomes difficult to check the damages and this will eventually lead to a flooding problem.

With the backwater valve for the mainline, such problem can be avoided. This device is installed directly n the main sewer drain of a property. Since plumbers need to check only the main valve, this makes the task easier and damages are avoided.

The design of the backwater valve allows the valve to remain open while it is in its normal position. This will allow an unrestricted flow of the waste water coming from the house. However, in the event that there is sewer backflow, the valve of the device closes. This prevents any flooding problems.

City of Toronto will cover up $3,200 per property as part of the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program. Learn more here to find out if you qualify.


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